company sponsored research

Company Sponsored Research

Regulatory changes and market dynamics have led to a reduction in company coverage by broker-dealers. The consequence of reduced coverage is lower visibility with institutional investors, and a decrease in investing and trading in many companies. Micro cap and small cap companies suffer the greatest deleterious effects from these changes. Company Sponsored Research mitigates these challenges by increasing awareness and visibility among both institutional and retail investors.

Orips’ Company Sponsored Research increases a company’s visibility, investing and trading activity, and liquidity. Orips issues actionable coverage with wide reach among institutional investors. While other research firms may increase visibility, Orips’ actionable coverage both increases visibility and has the added component of driving trading and investing dollars into company stock. Orips’ coverage provides a forecast along with entry and exit points and risk management recommendations. Institutions use the actionable recommendations to execute trades and investments. The end result is greater company visibility, increased institutional trading, liquidity, and a higher opportunity for tight spreads.      

Recognition. Orips Research has been recognized as one of Wall Street’s leading technical analysis research providers. Our opinions and analysis are well respected and viewed in high regard within the institutional investment community. Our head of Research, Zev Spiro, is sought as a contributor of research to various financial publications. He has made appearances on, and been quoted by, media outlets including Barron's, Bloomberg, CNBC, Investor's Business Daily, TheStreet and The Wall Street Journal.

Actionable. Research with a roadmap on how to execute is the best way to increase awareness and liquidity. Not only does our research provide a forecast, but embedded within our research is an actionable plan that investors can apply.

Visibility. We stand behind our analysis and promote research on your company utilizing several leading financial data providers with large scale distribution capabilities in order to increase visibility among institutional and retail investors. Our distribution channels include, but are not limited to, S&P Capital IQ, FactSet and Refinitiv (previously Thomson Reuters). 

Reputation. Orips Research built its reputation on integrity and reliability, which are key factors one should seek in an independent research provider. Our process for engaging in company sponsored research ensures that only quality opportunities are covered. In addition, we do not engage in investment banking and avoid any potential conflicts of interest. 

If your company would like to increase its visibility and trading among investors, please contact us at 212-579-2131 or

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